Description of Company

The Parent Company & SCH Group

The parent company, SCH Group, was founded in 1945 in the name of Shing Chung Hung. The business coverage is focused on the sale of process equipment for electronic, chemical, petrochemical, steel, mechanical, power generation, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. The business scope now covers marketing, sales, engineering and design, manufacturing, and customer services. At present, the total number of employees is around 900. The following Charts show our group organization, branch office in Taiwan, branch office in China and major business lines.

SCH Group Overview

Branch of Parent Company in Taiwan

Branch of Electronic Group in Taiwan

Branch of Cutting Tool Group in China

Branch of Electronic Group in China

Business Organization

Lifting and Industrial Tools

  • Kito Corp.(Japan, Hoist)
  • Riken Kiki Co., Ltd.(JAPAN, Hydraulic Pump, Cylinder, Tools)
  • Lift-it Mfg Inc. (USA, Slings)
  • Airetool Operation, Cooper Industries (USA, Tube Expander, Cleaner)
  • T.D. Williamson Inc. (USA, Hot Tapping And Plugging Machine)

Metal Cutting Tool

    Hung Chih Limited Company

  • Mapal
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sumitomo
  • Vargus
  • Komet
  • Horn
  • Smw-autoblok

Parent Company Overview(Product Division)

    1、PALL Filtration Unit & System

  • Fuels & Chemicals
  • Industry & Machinery
  • Food & Beverage
  • Power Generation

    2、Process Equipment

  • Separation Division
  • Filtration Division
  • Pump Division

    3、Fluids Power

  • Valves & Control
  • Sealing & Special Materials

    4、Lifting and Industrial Tools

    5、Service Dept

Process Equipment


  • Tomoe Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan, Decanter, Centrifuge)
  • Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha (JAPAN, Rotary Vacuum Filter, Pusher & Peeler Centrifuge)
  • Kason Corp (Vibration Screens)
  • 3V Cogeim : Vacuum Dryer, Vacuum Filters.
  • Mabo : Flaker, Evaporator
  • Filtration

  • Johnson Screens Pty. Ltd. (AUSTRALIA, Vee Wire)
  • Daido Machines Co., Ltd. (JAPAN, Auto Strainer)
  • Miura Chemical Equipment Co., LTD (JAPAN, Mist Separator, Leaf Filter, Silencer)
  • Pump

  • Hmd Seal/ Less Pumps Ltd. (UK, Magnetic-driven Seal/Less Pump)
  • Chas. S. Lewis & Co., Inc. (USA, Pump
  • Hanatsuka Mfg. Co., Ltd. (JAPAN, Rotary Stainless Pump)
  • TSURUMI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. (Japan)
  • Honda Kiko Co., Ltd. (JAPAN, Latex Pump)

Fluids Power

    Valves And Control Valves

  • Control Components Inc. (USA, Control Valves)
  • Metso Automation – Flow Control (Finland, Control Valves, Smart Solutions)
  • Continental Disc Corp. (USA, Rupture Discs)
  • Sealing & Special Material

  • Nippon Valqua Ind., Ltd. (JAPAN, Seals- Packing & Gaskets)
  • Taiwan Valqua Ind., Ltd. (Taiwan) (Joint-venture With Nippon Valqua Ind., Ltd.)
  • Garlock Sealing Technologies (Usa, Seals)
  • Dupont Vespel CR6100

Business Strength of SCH Electronics

  • Total Integrated Solution for Product and Service
  • Completing Application/Product Database
  • Matrix Driving Business Management
  • Lowest Cost Of Ownership for the Customers
  • Marketing Capability-Channels & Relationships
  • Good Communications with Principal and Customers
  • Provide Add-Value to Both of Principal and Customers

Introduction of SCH Electronics

    SCH Electronics was founded in 1987 for the Marketing, sales and services of process equipment, material and ancillary products for semiconductor, FPD and other electronic industries. The current business scope descriptions of product/services are listed as follows:

  • Plant facilities equipment for semiconductor and FPD processing
  • Semiconductor and FPD process equipment, module, consumables, and spare parts
  • Reverse engineering manufacturing and service for particular semiconductor and FPD process tool parts.
  • Service of process equipment, facility chemical/gas management and CMP, mass flow controller repairing and vacuum pump overhaul.

Business Guidelines of SCH-E


  • Distributor of DuPont, DPE, Pall, Brooks
  • Engineering

  • Gas/Chemical Supplier System
  • Manufacturing

  • Spare Parts
  • Service

  • Vacuum Pump, Total System Management, Tool Overhual….

The Management

    Ken Hsu

  • Chairman and CEO of SCH Electronics
  • Chairman and CEO of Shing Chung Hong Group
  • Bill Hsu

  • Vice Chairman of SCH Electronics
  • Vice Chairman of Shing Chung Hong Group
  • CFO of SCH Electronic and Shing Chung Hong Group
  • David Hsu

  • Executive Vice President of SCH Electronics Taiwan
  • G.M. of SCH Electronics China

The Operating Strategy of SCH Electronics

  • The operating philosophy at SCH Electronics has been designed in such way that promotes active participation of product managers, engineering staff, customer, dedicated sales, and customers.
  • The product managers are the key persons to assume the responsibility for total customer satisfaction, and to articulate the entire product/market development process. All product managers receive intensive technical and marketing training in a given product area, and such a training process enables them to identify technical and marketing needs promptly. In addition, product managers are the center for active interactions, and ultimately responsible for the market success.
  • The dedicated account sales are another unique feature in the market development process in SCH Electronics. The dedicated account sales initiate customer contacts, identify their needs for products and services, communicate with the product managers, and close the sales.
  • The organization structure in SCH Electronics is grouped based on their respective functions. This allows SCH Electronics staff to specialize in their functional area for maximum performance, while product managers are responsible for the inter-departmental cooperation.
  • The management at SCH Electronics realizes the value of their people. Thus the management provides a long-term human resource development plan that enables each individual to choose his career path for personal growth.

Current Product lines of Electronic Group


  • Pall Filtration Device and Systems
  • Spare Parts for Process Chamber
    • Kalrez O-ring
    • Viton, Silicone and other Sealing Materials
    • Ceradyne Fine Ceramics
    • Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge
  • Brooks Instrument Gas Mass Flow controller (Unit)
  • KSM SUS Bellows
  • Pre-Tech Super/Ultrasonic Module
  • Kaydon Metal Bearings
  • Brooks Pressure Transducer
  • Equipment & System

  • CDA Dryer
  • Compressor
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Humidifier
  • Pre-Tech Wet Station
  • Pre-Tech Wet Station

Current Product lines of Electronic Group

    Reverse Engineering and manufacturing for Spare parts

  • CMP Process Parts Machining
    • Retainer Ring
    • AEP Ring
    • Others
  • DuPont Vespel
    • Clamp Ring
    • Ardel Ring
    • Others Parts
  • Machining Parts
    • Metal
    • Teflon Machining Parts
    • Engineering Plastics
  • Engineering/Service

  • Compressor/Dryer System
  • Vacuum Piping System
  • Overhaul of Tools/Equipment Modules
  • Chemical piping modification/engineering
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